Brief Introduction

khoadtvt-300x198The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET) at the VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU UET), which is a member university of Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU), is one of the leading engineering faculties in Vietnam for studies and research in the fields of electronics and communications.

Founded in 1996, FET has been successful for the last 15 years in its mission of educating highly qualified engineers and scientists, fostering talents, and conducting research and development of state-of-the-art technologies in the electronics and communications fields. FET offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in electronics and communications engineering with a variety of specializations, including computer engineering, automation, communications, networking, micro-electronics, multimedia signal and data processing, and bio-medical electronics. Our programs are designed to provide students with the competitive edge needed for them to be successful when joining the workforce in the era of globalization.

As a major faculty of VNU UET, FET is a driving force behind VNU UET’s efforts to become an institution of excellence in higher education, a center for technology innovation, and a national and regional leader in engineering education and research.